Residence Check

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer you the ability to submit a Residence Check for your home via the Internet. Completion of the Platte County residence check form will allow our deputies to check your home while you are away on vacation or other absences. This service can also be used for residents residing in any of the Cities within Platte County. City residents should check with their local police department to see if the department provides residence checks. The Platte County Sheriff’s Office will check any home located within Platte County, including cities that do not offer this service.

Please Note: The online form submittal process does not require Adobe Reader to complete and should work with most modern browsers. After the online form is filled out, you will be given a chance to download the completed version of the form, in PDF format, for your records. This is a copy of the form that is submitted to our internal processes.

Electronic Version of Residence Check Form

This will open a pop-up window for filling out the form online.

PDF Version of Residence Check Form

(requires Adobe Reader to print). This version of the form should be hand written or typed and then faxed or mailed to us.