Employment Information

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the highest level of employee standards. Applicants must successfully complete a series of written examinations and undergo a thorough pre-employment background investigation. Applicants must also submit to and successfully complete a medical examination and drug screening examination.

For Employment Information Please Contact the Administrative Division at

(816) 858-2424

For additional pre-employment questions, please contact Sgt. Holan


Send Your Resume to:

Platte County Sheriff Office
Attn: Administrative Division
415 Third Street, Suite 10
Platte City, Missouri 64079

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Deputy Sheriff
Civilian Detention
Communications Officer

Employment Benefits

— 6 Vacation Days (12 Vacation Days after a year)
— 12 Paid Accruable Sick Days Per Year
— Two Retirement Programs (CERF and Lagers)
— Deferred Compensation Program
— Four Medical Plans to choose from
— Life Insurance
— Dental Insurance
— Uniform Allowance

Deputy Sheriff

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office is organized into five divisions, that are staffed with Deputy Sheriffs. Deputy Sheriffs encompass the largest majority of employees within the Office and are expected to represent the organization in a professional manner. Deputy Sheriffs must be motivated and well-disciplined, and must take their responsibilities very seriously.

“A Deputy Sheriff Must Act Calmly and Rationally Under Extreme Pressure, While Focusing on Several Tasks at Once.”

What is a Deputy Sheriff?

A Deputy Sheriff is a person who has completed and has received P.O.S.T. certification in the State of Missouri as a certified (licensed) law enforcement officer. Deputy Sheriffs provide various services to the citizens of Platte County in the following manners:

  • Security Services Unit

The Security Services Unit, is responsible for providing security for the entire Platte County government complex. Officers assigned to this unit provide courtroom security, protection of witnesses, and transportation of inmates to and from court.

  • Detention Division

The Detention Division is responsible for the custody of all inmates housed in the Platte County Jail

  • Patrol Division

The Patrol Division provides routine patrol for the county and is required to respond to calls for service in a county covering 471 square miles.

  • Investigative Division

The Investigative Division is assigned the duty to investigate all crimes reported within Platte County. The division also has specialized teams working in Drug Enforcement.

  • Emergency Services Division

Platte County Emergency Management is responsible for management and education of the community about multi-discipline emergencies and disaster-type incidents affecting Platte County.

Civilian Detention

Civilian Detention Officers provide services within the Detention Division. The Platte County Sheriff’s Office currently operates a fully self-supporting detention facility capable of housing 151 inmates. The facility was recently completed in July of 1998 and is equipped with the finest state-of-the-art equipment available at the time.

What is a Civilian Detention Officer?

A Civilian Detention Officer is responsible for the security and custody of all inmates housed in the Platte County Detention Facility. They are required to maintain security throughout the detention facility by using assigned control centers.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer position is one of the most important services within the Platte County Sheriff’s Office. Communications Officers are the first line of contact when a person needs help. Often times the Communications Officer speaks with more people throughout a day than a police officer does during their tour of duty.

What is a Communications Officer?

The Communications Officer is responsible for assisting with incoming emergency and non-emergency calls while operating and dispatching the calls on a two-way radio system. After the Communications Officer receives a call for service they must determine what type of response is needed and which department should be notified.

“Communications Officers provide services for twenty-three police, fire, and medical agencies throughout Platte County, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”