Platte County Emergency Management / Homeland Security

Emergency Management/Homeland Security Unit is responsible for preparing for and carrying out all emergency functions necessary to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from significant incidents and disasters including the extended disruption of county governmental services caused by all hazards, whether natural, technological, or man made.

The unit coordinates all four phases of emergency preparedness. The four phases are: Mitigation (efforts to minimize the impact of a disaster), Preparedness (planning/training), Response (the response and coordination of resources to an incident), and Recovery (restoration of services as quickly as possible). The Emergency Management Coordinators represent the County of Platte on local, regional and national committees and issues relating to emergency management and homeland security.

Below are links to several public/private service agencies and emergency management programs/interests in the area of emergency management.

United Way 211 – Cooling Sites
National Weather Service – Flood Safety
Prepare KC – Emergency Preparedness
American Red Cross
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
KC Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group
MARC Local Emergency Planning Committee
MEMC Metropolitan Emergency Management Committee
National Weather Service (Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, Mo. location)
State Emergency Management Agency (Missouri)
The Salvation Army
The Tornado Project Online!
How to Prepare for a Tornado
USGS National Earthquake Information Center