Commissary Program

Effective immediately, the Platte County Detention Center will now accept credit/debit deposits for inmate commissary accounts. Credit/debit deposits may be made usingt he lobby kiosk located at the detention center public visitation entrance, or Access Corrections online at Please visit the website for instructions on using the service.

The Platte County Detention Center will no longer accept cash deposits or money orders for inmate commissary accounts. All in-person cash deposits must be made using the lobby kiosk located at the detention center’s public visitation entrance.

Our goal is to provide the most convenient, secure means for family members to deposit commissary funds at the lowest possible costs.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department negotiated the best possible rates for the use of these services in order to keep inmate family costs as low as possible. Rate information is available online or at the kiosk deposit location outside the pubilc visitation entrance.